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Theraphy Dogs? I hear you ask, yes dogs can dog be used for therapy, you would indeed be surprised. Dogs are not called manís best friend for no good reason, they are a variety of helpful uses that our four legged friend can be used for and one unusual use of them is for therapy. Sometimes just having a dog around your persons can be enough to lower you blood pressure or to take your mind of worrying situations, looking into their soppy eyes as they clearly do no have a care in the world, or their often large floppy ears, would give you a sense that they are good listeners Ė and indeed they are, beyond the teddy bearish face, reminding us of our carefree childhood, beneath it lies their large canine teeth, which tells us that they have the ability to protect us.

Yes mans best friends, they can be eyes to the blind and ears for the death, they have much better uses that being a security guard dogs, they can be used for therapeutic means beyond the appearance, much more useful that cats, this domestic pet


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